It’s hard to summarize my life so far in a single post, but I’ll try my best.

I am currently attending university in Scotland.  While at university, studying marine biology, I am a member of the cross-country team, the mountaineering club, and the sub-aqua club.

I compete throughout university both in local competitions and university competitions for cross-country.  I have competed in a few bouldering competitions through the mountaineering club and I dive occasionally with the sub-aqua club.

In addition to “standard” cross-country, I am also interested in mountain running.  This coming weekend I will be competing in the Stuc a’ Chroin hill race for the second year.10320439_233075136893447_435681603248831031_n

As mentioned in the “About Me” section, I hope that these blog posts will shed some light on my life, and how I have learned to live with haemophilia while maintaining an active lifestyle.