Yesterday afternoon found my teammates and my self gathered in the nearby town of Strathkiness for an annual 4.5 mile race put on by Fife AC. Whereas last year, the only complaint about the race was a heavy fog which rolled in about halfway through, this years run could only be described as miserable. Driving rain and wind made for a cold day which no-one was excited to be out in; especially the race organizers who had to stand around marshaling! Nonetheless, we started off down the road and the race was underway. It begins with a slightly downhill road section followed by a bit of steep uphill track, from then on the course carries on through rolling farm country on a mix of pavement and dirt track. A fierce headwind made for slow, unpleasant going in the second half of the race with cold, hard rain pelting my face and eyes.

I hadn’t intended to push myself too hard, given that my big race, the Stuc a’Chroin 5000, is this coming weekend ( That being said, I started off way to slow and had to play a bit of catch-up to get into a comfortable position in the middle of the race. All-in-all, I guess I enjoyed it; I felt quick and comfortable at least. You can see the vital stats in the following post (though I forgot to hit the stop button until a couple of minutes after I crossed the line). I ended up in 11th place with a time of 27:47 ( I don’t feel sore today, which is good, but I’m taking the day off to make sure I’m at full strength on Saturday.