So it has been absolutely ages since I have gotten a post up. It has been ages since I have done a lot of things actually; which is why this one is so named: I’ve finally managed to get back on top of things.

Things I have learned over the past few months:
1. I desperately need a strictly scheduled day.
2. I need people to train with, or I struggle to get out the door.
3. Getting out of shape sucks!

Since I have been back at school I have been working on getting back into shape, and it has not been easy. A couple of weeks ago I returned to training with the XC team and was afforded a very rude awakening to the toll my summer slump had taken on my fitness level. I have since developed a plan for getting back in shape. I have done a lot of reading about training strategies and methodology and I have based the program I am currently developing for myself largely an o great book that came out last year by Steve House & Scott Johnston, Training for the New Alpinism ( I have just finished up a few weeks of transition and am moving into my base period, building up strength and endurance for the next 12 or so weeks.

I have been trying to get back into regular interval training with the XC team, we have got a lot of new, fast people on the team which is great because it means I need to push myself so I don’t get left behind. I have also been doing a lot of strength training and conditioning; I’m working some more complicated routines for my base period as the weeks go on.This weekend I had another good, humbling experience trying to run the Ring of Steall, and I emphasize the combination of the words “trying to run”. But, I like to think of it as extra motivation o get out there and get training, and it was an absolutely beautiful day out nonetheless.

A beautiful day out "running" the Ring of Steall in Scotland.
A beautiful day out “running” the Ring of Steall in Scotland.